Australian Research Council Grant

Bronwen Ackermann PhD from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney, is the chief investigator for an Australian Research Council (ARC) grant

“Sound Practice – Developing OHS policies and practices for orchestral musicians”.

The ARC funds research and researchers under the
National Competitive Grants Program (NCGP).

I understand that it is the biggest project of its type throughout the world and involves collaboration between eight major orchestras, including the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra (WASO).

Browen has asked me to assist with testing and implementation of the project here in WA and also in other Australian capital cities. This will involve some travelling over the next couple of months in order to complete the initial assessments of all orchestra members.

We see this as a very important project for musicians’ health, both at the professional level and for beginning musicians.

The findings will help health professionals and music teachers assist musicians in developing sound practise and performance habits.

I hope that it is possible to prevent some of the common injuries I see in my practice.

Unfortunately, the timing of the beginning of the project, which was largely driven by the availability of the orchestra members for testing, coincides with the beginning of my autumn term of classes.

The changes will be posted in classes and courses soon. Anyone who has already registered will be contacted by email to explain the options available to them.

I am sorry if you are affected by these late changes and hope that you understand why I needed to make this decision.

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