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New Book on Pain – Rewire Your Pain

There’s a new pain book that I think you should check out. Rewire Your Pain was launched this year in Perth. It is a project written by pain specialist Dr Stephanie Davies, Dr Nicholas Cooke and writer Julia Sutton. They have produced a simple book that sets out to communicate the latest thinking in how […]

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Feldenkrais: Core principles

From The brain’s way of healing: Stories of remarkable recoveries and discoveries By Norman Doidge MD Scribe Books Over the course of mastering his knee problems, writing Body and Mature Behavior, and seeing clients regularly, Feldenkrais refined the principles that formed the basis of his new method. Most of them are related to facilitating what […]

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Amherst Immersion study groups start

It’s great to have people looking forward to being taught by Moshe and sharing the experience with others. If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still room, just go to Amherst study groups and choose the option that suits you best. All of you have human brains we will try to get out of those brains […]

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Experienced Feldenkrais? Take survey

The Australian Feldenkrais Guild would like to know about your experience of Feldenkrais to help with communicating what Feldenkrais is all about. Please take a few minutes to fill in the survey, it closes on Friday 20 March. Thanks for your time.

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The Brain’s Way of Healing

Stories of remarkable recoveries and discoveries By Dr Norman Doidge Author of the international bestseller The Brain that Changes Itself: Stories of personal triumph from the frontiers of brain science   This week I had the opportunity to read some chapters of Doidge’s new book, The Brain’s Way of Healing: Stories of remarkable recoveries and […]

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Sign this Petition to Support Feldenkrais Rebate

This is an important time for everyone interested in Feldenkrais. You may be aware of the Review of the Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance for Natural Therapies being undertaken by the Department of Health with assistance from the Office of the National Health and Medical Research Council. The Australian Feldenkrais Guild has been […]

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Feldenkrais explained on ABC Radio National

I was excited to hear ABC Radio National run a program about the Feldenkrais Method on their show the Body Sphere: “Feldenkrais for dummies”. Amanda Smith, the presenter, pulled together a really interesting panel. They talked about the diverse applications of Feldenkrais, including improving singing performance and enhancing neurological rehabilitation. If you know what you’re […]

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Finding Your Voice Workshop

If your voice is important in your life there’s a Feldenkrais Guild event coming up in June that’s pretty exciting. On June 8, the Guild are running a public workshop called “Finding Your Voice” and I am definitely going. It will be facilitated by Stephen & Francesca who are colleagues and friends of mine. I […]

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Habits form & habits can go

I’ve been thinking a lot about habits lately.  Observing my habitual ways and talking with other people about their habits of thought and movement. My interest has been sparked by reading a fascinating book by Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay on the autistic mind. Here’s one quote I really liked; “Habits form & habits grow then sometime […]

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Feldenkrais – ways to participate

The Feldenkrais Method is delivered in two different ways: Awareness Through Movement® Functional Integration® Classes called “Awareness Through Movement®” lessons (ATM) A Feldenkrais practitioner guides the participants through a structured sequence of movement explorations. Attention is drawn to the process of each movement pattern. Through observing their movements, participants learn easier ways of moving in […]

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