Beryl Kennedy

This morning I pause and remember Beryl.

She showed me that the impossible is sometimes possible.

May she rest in peace.

Dear Members,

Sad news for all.

Beryl Kennedy died peacefully, in her home surrounded by her loving family, on Saturday 29/08/2009. At the age of 92, Beryl had lived life to the full until the past few weeks when her health failed her.

Beryl, Physiotherapist & Feldenkrais Practitioner, completed the Sydney 1 Feldenkrais Professional Training Programme (FPTP) with Frank Wildman.

For those who knew Beryl she will be remembered as a person with vitality and humour and a strong advocate of the Feldenkrais Method. She was pivotal in influencing the student population for the first Sydney FPTP and continued to prompt people to pursue the Feldenkrais Method as a process in their healing and learning.

Beryl was president of the NSW Feldenkrais Interest Group (FIG) for many years and ensured that there was an arena for the public to taste the Method. In 2008 Beryl shared her experience in a Back Care workshop at a FIG open day.

Beryl was an inspirational person with a positive approach to human existence, and an urge to share her knowledge and experience with others.


Diane Lunniss
on behalf of the AFG Inc