Change your age

My body and brain are improving as I get older.

My movement, adaptability and resilience in my thirties are all better than in my twenties.
I am looking forward to even more comfortable forties, fifties and beyond.

I feel very lucky to have been introduced to Feldenkrais early in life.

I witness many improvements in the quality of life and movement in people from all age groups.

My oldest client was 95, and conquered her fear of falling by learning how to get down to the floor and up again, safely.

My youngest client at the moment is 10 months old, and I have worked with even younger humans.

I include information about the workshop (below) to offer another perspective on the Feldenkrais Method.

Frank was the Educational Director of my training program, and it would be a treat to attend this workshop if you happen to be in Oregon, US when it’s on!

Change Your Age: the Feldenkrais Method®
A weekend course with Frank Wildman, PhD, GCFT


What makes a person old? Some people think it’s wrinkles; others think it’s stodgy attitudes. But really, the culprit is our habits. When we unlearn these habits and create new ones, we make our bodies and minds younger, stronger, and more flexible. In essence, we create a more youthful and intelligent body at any age.

The good news is that we can learn new habits that make our bodies and minds more agile and fit. We may then begin to enjoy the qualities of exploration, ease, variety and joy in our movements, as we did when we were children and, before that, infants. The easy-to-learn movement sequences in this workshop will help you break away from physically limiting habits and steer you toward feelings that you ordinarily would experience at your best—and perhaps your youngest—moments.

In this workshop, you will be doing several movement sequences, part of the new Change Your Age program, designed to de-age your joints, muscles and brain. Throughout the two days, you may progressively feel younger as you learn to move with greater ease, agility, balance, and coordination.

Contact: Options Through Movement
EUGENE, OR USA – Jan: (541) 343-7996

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