Great Feldenkrais read on

The newly-published book The Brain’s Way of Healing by psychiatrist and best-selling author Norman Doidge, contains some excellent information on the Feldenkrais Method.

Doidge portrays Moshe as a superhero in his understanding the brain and gives fascinating explanations why his method works.

I’m thrilled to see this book is now entering the New York Times bestseller list.

The website,, has published an excerpt from the book that is all about Moshe Feldenkrais and the Method he developed.

To increase the number of people who hear about this book and also the Feldenkrais Method we are encouraging people to visit the website and click on the link. It is a great read and your interest will help keep the link active for longer.

Please visit and read the article titled She Will Dance at Her Wedding: Healing of the girl born without part of her brain.”