Musical success story

Uniview Vol. 28 No. 1 Summer 2009 has an article titled

Graduate’s musical success story

I include part of the article below. 

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“Not long after Shaun Lee-Chen graduated with first class Honours from UWA’s School of Music in 2000, health professionals diagnosed an overuse injury in the hand that nestled his violin to his shoulder.

They warned the talented musician that he faced the prospect of being unable to pursue his chosen career.

At the time he was completing postgraduate studies at the National Academy of Music in Melbourne.  Returning to Perth, Shaun abandoned performance to teach at UWA (which he continues to do).  It was a difficult time for the exuberant young musician who began playing the violin aged three and who grew up in a house of musicians – his mother is a violin teacher, his sister, Semra Lee, is now Associate Principal Second Violin with the WA Symphony Orchestra (WASO).

Faced with an uncertain future, Shaun began re-educating his body in terms of posture, using Feldenkrais movement techniques. 

He was helped by Sarah Wiin, a Feldenkrais practitioner and physiotherapist, who has worked with many musicians in Perth, including students and staff from the School of Music.

It was a lengthy process, but it paid off. 

In 2005, Shaun joined his sister in WASO and two years later his career was totally back on track when he became the ABC Young Performer of the Year.

The finals were in the Perth Concert Hall and were attended by Shaun’s family, friends and supporters from UWA. “He really thrashed that fiddle!” confirmed one…..”

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