New Book on Pain – Rewire Your Pain

Rewire Your Pain - Stephanie DaviesThere’s a new pain book that I think you should check out. Rewire Your Pain was launched this year in Perth.

It is a project written by pain specialist Dr Stephanie Davies, Dr Nicholas Cooke and writer Julia Sutton.

They have produced a simple book that sets out to communicate the latest thinking in how to approach your ongoing pain.

You will find a set of habits & behaviours to help calm down your nervous system and release tension from your body.

The aim is to empower every person living in pain with the knowledge of how they can best help themselves every day.

The message that comes through is that simple small changes can have a profound effect on how you experience pain.

I love the chapter on Pacing. This is one of the toughest challenges for people in their recovery. It is something Dr Davies studied during her time as Head of the Pain Unit at Fremantle Hospital.

You will find a clear step-by-step explanation of how to approach paced activity. You’ll know the how and the why. Pacing is a game changer & there is more to it than you may realise.

Julia asked for my feedback during the drafting of this book & I’m really pleased to have had the opportunity to be involved.

There’s two ways to get hold of the book. It is available as an e-book or as a paperback. You can visit the website or you can call or visit WA Specialist Pain Services at 136 Railway Street, Cottesloe 6011, phone 0412 933 419.