Resignation from Body Logic

Today is my last day working at Body Logic Physiotherapy.

It is with regret that I resigned two weeks ago, and I also feel excited about the next chapter in my work life.

I have enjoyed over three years at Body Logic. It has been filled with more learning than I could have anticipated, both clinically and personally. I am grateful to the time and effort Dr Tim Mitchell, Dr Peter O’Sullivan and Dr Judith Thompson gave to further my understanding of physiotherapy and the world around me. I have enjoyed Dr Richard Yin’s take on Feldenkrais, his challenges to my way of thinking and the flexibility of his own.

I will miss the contact with the other professionals and the regular interaction with those I count as friends. Recently I have had the opportunity to know Chris Perkin better. I have admired his clinical skill and sense of fun for some time, and now also see that he is a genuinely good and fair minded person.

While I feel a sense of sadness that a door has closed, I am taking with me the memory and learning of a rich and full experience that will serve me well as time passes.

There is no shortage of doors to open and look through either.
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And there’s more. Check back soon.