Read a story about someone’s experience of Feldenkrais:

Some clients like to write about their experience of Feldenkrais and I have been given many pieces over the time I have been working with Feldenkrais.

More people like to read about others who have similar conditions or experiences. There is something powerful about reading something a peer has written, a connection with a like experience. Perhaps we feel less alone, perhaps the voice of a peer helps us understand something we need to ease our path?

I have started asking the clients who have written pieces if they would like to share their experience of Feldenkrais with others who are interested on this website.

If I have something you have written in the past that you are happy to share with others, please let me know. I have tried to make contact with ‘old clients’ who have written things, but have been unable to find all of you!

If you have worked with me or The Feldenkrais Method and want to share your story, please get in touch with me.