Feldenkrais and Cancer

Aislinn’s story

My name is Aislinn and I am a 29 year old secondary breast cancer patient.

I first tried Feldenkrais classes in Melbourne when I was too weak from chemo to continue yoga classes. I found these to be very helpful and was so glad to be able to do some sort of stretching again. Then I lost my job and could no longer afford classes.

I found work again months later and found the strength to resume yoga, swimming, cycling and walking, but never returned to Feldenkrais. I had ‘fallen off the wagon’.

Two years later, I experienced extreme back pain. My chiro, who usually fixed my back problems, was unable to solve it and I was so tense a masseur could barely have touched me. I couldn’t even eat as the knots had spread to my stomach also! I didn’t know where to turn.

Luckily, mum put me onto Sarah, and her unique blend of Feldenkrais and observation skills eased the pain and gave me greater freedom of movement.

She showed me the cause of the problem to be incorrect movement patterns in my left shoulder following the removal of cancerous lymph nodes under my left armpit six months earlier.

Through one-on-one Feldenkrais sessions, Sarah managed to get me into a much better state.

I am now pain-free and I hope to regain full movement in my left arm soon.

Thanks Sarah and to Moshe Feldenkrais himself. Without his technique, I am sure many people would still be painfully crippled today!