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Working with Golf Injuries

Recently I was invited to speak to the ladies at the Mosman Park Golf Club open day. I have worked with a few of the members who have had a variety of injuries, including: back pain neck pain shoulder pain knee pain I spoke about one keen golfer who had knee pain on and off […]

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Golf and life

Charmaine’s voice

Last year I turned 60 and over the last 10 years have become accustomed to all kinds of people, health professionals and others, telling me that I just have to become accustomed to the various aches and pains, that I must accept that I can’t always do what I used to take for granted. …..

Working with Sarah has been a wonderful and totally rewarding journey. I find learning about the processes of the body’s movement fascinating and as pleasurable as learning and putting into practice other much more efficient ways of doing everyday things. She has changed my life. And we have further to go.

And what of my golf? Well, since seeing Sarah, I have brought my handicap down by 5 points!

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