Tell-tale brain Ramachandran

Leonard Lopate talks with Dr V. S. Ramachandran on WNYC (public radio station in New York City) about his new book

The tell-tale brain: A neuroscientist’s quest for what makes us human.

Like Oliver Sacks and Norman Doige, Ramachandran uses case studies to explain how our brain evolves, develops and changes.

I enjoyed listening to the case studies in the interview and have ordered the book – anticipating more interesting reading!

‘No one is better than V. S. Ramachandran at combining minute, careful observation with ingenious experiments and bold, adventurous theorizing. The Tell-Tale Brain is Ramachandran at his best, a profoundly intriguing and compelling guide to the intricacies of the human brain.’ Oliver Sacks (quoted at

Go to WNYC site & podcast. Also available through iTunes.


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