Testing orchestral musicians

Bronwen Ackermann recently applied for and was granted 5-year ARC linkage grant.
The title of this project is apt:

Sound practice: Supporting sustainable careers in orchestral musicians through occupational health and safety initiatives

The other chief investigators are:

I, along with physios from other capital cities, have recently travelled to both Melbourne and Sydney to help out with this project and work with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Sydney Symphony and Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra.

We have begun the task of testing over 600 orchestral musicians to find out what their physical, psychological and health characteristics are. It seems that this will be the largest collection of data about this group of workers in the world. And it will help the chief investigators work out what areas need to be targetted over the next 5 years.

It’s been amazing to spend time in heart of the ABC Southbank Centre and Sydney Opera House.

One day I was allocated a very large Opera House dressing room, usually reserved for stars, which overlooked the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was hard to focus on the work at hand with the view to distract me!!

We were lucky enough to stand on the Sydney Opera House stage and also attend Sense and Sensuality with soloist Alban Gerhardt. Wow, what a cellist!

I’m home for a few days, then off to Brisbane to continue my tour of Australian orchestras.

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