Wiin has two i’s

People are often surprised or confused by the spelling of my surname.
I don’t mind how you spell it!


It has been brought to my attention that those:

  • searching the internet for my contact details or
  • trying to send me an email

are having trouble getting the result they desire.

The most common mistake is spelling it Winn
(double ‘n’ instead of double ‘i’).

Other popular ways to spell Wiin are Wynne, Wynn, Win and Wiinn.

If you have come up with another spelling, please let me know 🙂

I have organised to change my email address to sarah@….
This will happen soon, I wonder if it will help?

Sarah is often mis-spelt Sara or Sarha, although there are other combinations of letters that I’ve come across.

Again I don’t mind how you spell it, unless it results in misdirection or wasted time.

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