Working with Golf Injuries

Recently I was invited to speak to the ladies at the Mosman Park Golf Club open day.

I have worked with a few of the members who have had a variety of injuries, including:

  • back pain
  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • knee pain

I spoke about one keen golfer who had knee pain on and off for a few years. I observed her golf swing and noticed that she tended to twist in her painful knee joint quite forcefully. I asked about what she would like to improve with her golf, she said

“the pro says I need to rotate more through my spine”.

The course of action was further clarified by other assessments and I directed my attention:

  • to acute care for her knee,
  • talked with her about how to care for it herself,
  • gave her an exercise to help her learn how to turn through her spine and
  • related these to playing golf.

Two appointments later she came in and said

“I’m just here to tell you my knee is fixed and my golf has improved. Thank you.”

Charmaine’s story is another example of the possible relationship between Feldenkrais and golf.

When I asked for questions from the floor we were lead into a discussion about warm up. I’ll write a post on warm up for golf soon.

I was encouraged by the thank you card I recieved from the ladies

“… The talk was excellent, has been much discussed and has inspired many of the ladies to take your advice and do your warm up exercises before the game. …”

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